• Liz Baker

You guys....I'm Blue

Umm ok...That’s nice… Let me explain...

Over the last couple of days Dan (the hubby) has been at his MBA Residency at the University of Utah. It has honestly been a life changing experience. When he called me tonight, he talked about how one of the professors had all the MBA students take a color personality test…you know the one that tells you whether you are Red, Blue, White, or Yellow. I have never really been a big believer in those tests due to the fact it is usually pretty obvious what answers go with what color. ‘Do you like bossing people around?’ ‘Do you use your emotions to make decisions?’ I really don’t like those questions. However the one they used, The Color Code (, is focused on what motivates you in your personal life and business life. The questions they used and answers that you choose from are not your typical set up.

After I took the test I was actually surprised by the results. Not that my dominant color was blue, but what that actually meant. Blue’s have the driving core motive of intimacy… SAY WHAT?? At first I thought that is so not true!! I am not overly affectionate, cuddly, or a ‘want to talk about my feelings’ kind of girl. (My DNA structure is 85% British and 15% German, talking about my feelings does NOT come easy) But that is not what having a core motive of intimacy means. It means, and I quote,

‘‘that Blues thrive when they are part of a group. Their natural strengths tend to be people-related—no other color requires others the way Blues do. They love feeling included and making sure others feel comfortable and included as well. Blues love hosting parties and events.’

It was like a light bulb went off inside my head...Oh that is SO me! It’s why I love being a rep for Zyia so much! It encompasses all my needs and wants in a way no other job has. The interactions I have with customers, team members, and leaders gives me the joy I look for when it comes to the career I want… Yes I am a stay at home mom that wants a career (insert Gasp!)I think there is so much power in knowing what motivates you. It is also a part of finding out your why in life.

With all that being know what the best part of the evaluation was???

“Building your character—or the strengths that you personally stretch to acquire outside of your Blue core (insert any color) —will improve your life and your ability to create more successful personal and professional relationships…. However, before you can move to that level, you must first work on strengthening your self-awareness and “being you” more consistently.” I LOVE this!! We are meant to grow and develop new strengths ALL THE TIME! If you want to start a business and need a little RED in your life, then stretch yourself by developing those characteristics that will lead to that. Don’t try to change who you are! You can still be you...just add to who you are with who you want to be!

What color do you think you are??



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