• Liz Baker

What’s Your Why???

It doesn’t matter who you listen to, when it comes to self motivation speakers they will all tell you, YOU HAVE TO FIND YOUR WHY. 

I 110% agree with this… but agreeing with that statement is not the hard part… acting on it is!!!

As I have mentioned before, this past year I have tried several direct sales companies and started my own cleaning business, none of which really took off the way I had hoped. So why do I think Zyia is the one for me, when everything else didn’t work out??? Are you ready for this??? 

Because I look DANG good in a pair of Zyia leggings...GASP!! I know what you are probably thinking, How can that be a why? Isn’t that little conceded? That doesn’t seem like a very good why... Well, I think it is the most important ‘why’ of all and I will tell you why...because when I look in the mirror and I am wearing my Light n Tight Hi rise leggings, I feel good, I feel confident, and I feel like I can do this!!


I have done a lot of personal development over the last little while (hence the ‘You Guys I’m Blue’ post) and I am learning about what truly motivates me in life. First and foremost, the Blue in me craves relationships. I love meeting new people and figuring out ways I can help them or serve them. Through Zyia I am continually meeting new people and finding ways to help them, whether it’s putting a smile on their face because they feel good in a pair of leggings or helping someone find ways to earn extra money every month!! These types of relationships are so important to me! 

Second, the Red in me wholeheartedly is money driven.  So yes...I am doing this to offer financial freedom to my family (so we can take those Disneyland trips that I love so much), I also feel so satisfied when I see my pay enter my bank account every month... There is so much joy in knowing that you can wake up in the morning and do something that you love AND make money at it!

At the end of the day, relationships and money are what motivate me, but my main goal in all of this is to not only build my own CONFIDENCE but find ways to build up those around me! 

If you are having a hard time finding your why, stop and think to yourself, what is it that you are wanting to get out of whatever it is you are trying to do??? STOP AND REREAD THAT LAST SENTENCE! Start there and see where it leads you. 

So I encourage you that no matter what you choose to do you, do it because you know that it is going to benefit your life - either by making relationships, or making money, or both!!  AND I hope that it will make you look in the mirror and say, “Dang, I look good.”



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