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What Life Is Like On The Ground Floor (Warning: it's a little long but SO worth the read)

You did it…you signed up as a Rep for Zyia Active and you are pumped!! You maybe on the ground floor but you have this vision of the penthouse and nothing is going to stop you!! Then before you know it, it has been three months and you are still on the ground floor and are starting to get a little frustrated. You still have that vision of the penthouse but it is ten floors above you and you haven’t even gotten to the first floor!!

Hi! My name is Elizabeth Baker and I am a Zyia Representative...that’s right...a Representative. For those of you who are not familiar with the rankings within Zyia Active...that is the ground floor. I joined Zyia on my 36th birthday, almost 3 months ago and I feel like I am still trying to figure out how to get to the freakin elevator!! (sorry for the language) I wanted to be a Senior Rep by now so bad! (that is only two rank advancements!!)

Hi! My name is Elizabeth Baker and I am a Zyia Representative...that’s right...a Representative. For those of you who are not familiar with the rankings within Zyia Active...that is the ground floor. I joined Zyia on my 36th birthday, almost 3 months ago and I feel like I am still trying to figure out how to get to the freaking elevator!! (sorry for the language) I wanted to be a Senior Rep by now so bad! (that is only two rank advancements!!)

So what do I do now?? Well, if you would have asked me in 2017 while I was a part of Beach Body I would have said.. I’m done! And guess what? That is exactly what happened, I walked away. Fast forward a few months later I started my own travel agency, called Teacup Getaways, from home through a company called Extreme Travel. Within 6 months and hundreds of dollars later I walked away. So why on earth would I sign up with Zyia Active, a direct sales company, only 6 months later?? Any person would look at my track record and think, ‘there is no way that girl is going to make it’. I wouldn’t blame them, but I have discovered something that they don’t know. Zyia is so much more to me than trying to make a quick buck. I am going to be staying on the ground floor for as long as it takes because I am HAPPY here! Don’t get me wrong, I will make it to that penthouse, but for now I am building a foundation so when opportunities do arise I will be ready for them.

I am finding joy in the work I am doing. I am being consistent, I’m doing everything that I am being taught to do, I am talking to people, I am showing up on social media, I am hosting parties, and even though I am not meeting the goals I want, I WILL NOT give up. I will not give up because I love the person I am becoming. I am more confident, I have found a tribe of women that I love, and I still feel like I am accomplishing something every time I am able to reach out to someone and make their day a little better. Zyia has given me a platform to reach out to other women and make a difference in their lives. I want nothing more than to give women an opportunity to feel confidence, success, community, and joy... which I can because of Zyia.

At this point, if you are still reading this, you are probably thinking that’s nice for you Elizabeth but I still don’t think this Zyia thing is right for me...STOP… don’t leave! That penthouse view is totally attainable!! It's probably not going to happen right away… and that is okay! That is why you have to find a greater purpose for reaching that goal, other than for the money. In this business, if your soul reason for doing it is for the money, then there is a 95% chance you will not make it. That is because, when that 3-6 month mark hits and you are still on the ground floor not making the money you want, you are going to walk away. That is exactly what happened to me when I was with Beach Body. My main reason for joining was to work from home and make a ton of money...instead I spent hundreds of dollars on a product I didn’t even like!! If I didn’t even believe in the product, there is no way I was going to ever be successful. If you fall into this category of people might I suggest taking the time to find a greater purpose behind your why.

Another factor in your success is your support group. When I signed up with Extreme Travel, I was so excited to help people plan their dream vacations!! It was going to be great, I named my company Teacup Getaways and was going to specialize in all things Disney.

I paid a lot of money for this logo!!

Well, after that first initial phone call with my upline, I never heard from that women again. I couldn’t even tell you her name. I proceeded to spend, once again, hundreds of dollars on a website, travel agent training, a 1-800 number, and so much more! This time it wasn’t the lack of faith in the product that turned me away, it was the complete and utter lack of support. Zyia has been the complete opposite. I know that I can call Chelsea anytime, any day and she will do everything in her power to help me. She knows that one person’s success will always benefit the whole group. If you are not getting that kind of support from your upline you need to do something about it now! You cannot and will not succeed if you do not learn to interact with your tribe! If you have to give me her number so I can call her and tell her to smarten up I will!! It is that important.

When I first decided to write about what life was like on the ground floor I thought of three things that you can do to help you learn and grow while you are waiting for that first recruit to sign up. Take the next thirty days and do these three things to help you stay committed to getting your first recruit.

First - try doing an escape room. Huh?? Let me explain. An escape room is a group activity (4-8 people) where you are locked in a room and given a certain amount of time to get out, usually 45 minutes to an hour. In order to get out you have to follow a series of clues that will eventually tell you how to escape...hence the name escape room. About four years ago, my husband Daniel and I decided that we wanted to try doing an escape room. I had seen ADs for them over the years and I really wanted to know if I could do it. Most escape rooms need at least 4 people to complete them but Dan and I decided that we would try it anyways. ‘What’s the best that could happen..right??’ The guy that was working that night was so nice to us and set us up in the easiest room they had..The Gold Mine. We were brought into the room where the worker proceeded to chain us up to these chairs and explained to us that we only had 45 minutes to solve 12 puzzles in order to escape. I thought it couldn't be that hard right?? We sat chained to those chairs for 20 of our 45 minutes!!! Once we got of the chains we were able to get clues 2, 3, 4, and 5 pretty easy then we hit clue 6. By this point, we only had about 10 minutes left so we decided that it was time to ask for help. Once we got help on 6 we made it all the way to clue 10 before our time ran out. My experience in the escape room taught me a valuable lesson, sometimes that first puzzle will take a long time. Maybe recruiting your first rep so you can rank advance will take a long time, so don’t give up! Then once you get that first recruit your next 4 will be much easier and then you get to your 6th and you get stuck again...that is totally okay!! That is just what happens. You are going to have to ask for help sometimes to get you going but if you just keep your end goal in mind you will find the motivation to keep going. Unlike the escape room, Zyia has no time limit!! It is definitely good to have some sense of urgency to keep you motivated, but do not quit because you think you are going to run out of time! There is ALWAYS next month to reach your goals!

These are the chairs we were chained to!!

We look like we are on an awkward first date!

Second - Do the paperclip challenge. I recently discovered this challenge and it did wonders for boosting my confidence when speaking with strangers. I am currently taking a course to help small business owners and one of the assignments was to start with a paperclip and see if you could trade it with someone for something bigger or better. (a lot of people call this challenge Bigger or Better) For me, I started with a paperclip and ended up with something so much more valuable!! (See photo below) I started off trading with family members and then started trading with friends. Once I was comfortable with that I moved on to strangers. I learned a ton along the way... how I can talk to people as a sales rep and not be ashamed of it, or how to have fun while trying to get a stranger to take what you are trying to give them in exchange for something they have. So if you feel like you aren’t good at sales then try doing the paperclip challenge and see how you do!!

Third and final - Write down five affirmations about yourself and say them out loud ten times for thirty days straight. For me, this has made all the difference in my commitment to Zyia versus those other companies. Everyday for the last fifteen days I have repeated the same five affirmations in present form - That means you say them as if they already have happened. If you tell yourself everyday that you are crap… guess what? You are going to feel like crap. DON’T DO THAT!! Tell yourself everyday what you want to become as if you are already there. For example, I say out loud every day that ‘I am a Double Zyia Executive’ and it makes me feel good! Even if it takes me 10 years to do it I will be a Double Zyia Executive! Never doubt the power of your own words! So for the next 10 years or until it happens I will say to myself every. single. day. ‘I am a Double Zyia Executive’ Come up with at least three but preferably five affirmations that you can say ten times for the next thirty days. You will be surprised by the difference it will make in your life!

In conclusion to this very lengthy sermon, don’t let missed short term goals ruin your chances of achieving what you really want in the long run. I know the ground floor can suck, especially if you have yet to even leave it like me, but I hope what I have said will give you the motivation you need to stay committed until the time comes you start moving up that elevator...and lucky for you, you chose Zyia so it will happen!!



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