• Liz Baker

What do you do when no one will stand by you?

This thought came to me today while I was standing in my High Fitness waiting for it to start… why is no one standing near me??? No joke, I was in a room full of other women (and one man) and not one person would come near me. I thought maybe once we actually got started some of them would make there way over to me...nope. There I was on the front row, with a circle of space around me that was at least two people deep, and the rest of the room was packed. I am not going to lie, this isn’t the first time something like this has happened to me and no matter how many times it happens I feel a little sucky.

At that point I basically had two options, I could just leave and say forget that! And ya know what? Sometimes in life you should do that… somethings in life just aren’t worth it. For those things in life that are worth it - You just stay where you are and work your little heart out. Today, I chose option two and I am so glad I did! I stood my ground because that is where I wanted to be. I wanted to be in front of the fan so I wouldn’t get too hot and near the instructor so I would get the best possible workout. I was there to workout and in order to get the best possible workout I needed to be where I was at - even if I was standing alone. If my goal was to make friends I probably would have moved closer to someone so I could get to know them, but my goal was to get a solid workout for the day.

In life, the path to success is sometimes lonely. Those closest to you don’t want the same goals as you and that is 100% OKAY!! That doesn’t mean they don’t love you! Just like the women in my High Fitness class - they are really good women that meant nothing rude by not standing by me - they were just where they wanted to be and that wasn’t beside me.

So what do you do when no one around you wants to stand by you?? You keep your focus on the GOAL and you will meet like minded people along your path. I promise you it will happen!! The more you keep working on what you want to accomplish, the more people that you WANT to be in your tribe will join you.

When you are in a place in your life where you feel like you finally belong but it a little lonely - just remember - It’s what makes you stick out! During the workout I got to interact with the instructors more and got a way better workout!! Had I gone and stood in the back with the others they would have had no problems with me doing so but I wouldn’t have achieved the goal I was looking for - a really good workout!! The best part of the whole situation is that after the class was over, I had people coming up to me - talking about the class and asking me questions about where I was from and so forth. In the end I achieved what I wanted to achieve and it wasn’t as lonely as I thought it would be!!

My point to all of this is that, when you want to accomplish something or you have this goal that you really want to achieve, sometimes the path to get there is going to be lonely and awkward but that doesn’t mean you have to change what you are doing!! Keep focused on your goal and stay on the path that will get you there! You will love yourself so much more for it and in the end you will realize it’s not as lonely as you think!



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