• Liz Baker

The hustle is real...

I hope five years from now I will be able to look back at today and say, “Gee...I am so glad that I got up today, showered, got ready, put on my Zyia clothes, and left the house.” I know that probably doesn’t seem like a hard thing to do, but for me it was. Right now, in my life, things are a little crazy.

Two months ago I was still living in Billings Montana trying to figure out how to work my business, take care of my 5 kids, and pack an entire house while being a single parent (Dan was down in Utah still working at his new job). I soon realized that it was going to be one of those times where something's gotta give. I knew I wouldn’t be able to succeed at all three but for right then I was okay with that. The day will come that I will be able to put a solid 8 hours a day into my business...but for now I will give the 3 I can. There were so many days this summer that I didn’t make it to the park or the pool and now they are back in school and the summer is over. There isn’t much I can do about that now, but I comfort myself knowing that I am showing up every day to make a better life for our family. I had less than two weeks to pack up our house before the Uhaul came to move us to Utah, so I figured that was probably a good time to use all those people that offered help - and that was okay. There is so much power in just showing up each and every day!

When I woke up today, I had to make a conscience decision to show up. Last night I made a list of things I wanted to do and it all started with getting ready. I knew that if I didn’t take the time to shower and actually style my hair, I wouldn’t be able to get anything else done. I wouldn’t want to show my face on social media and make those connections I am looking for. I wouldn’t want to go to all the local gyms to promote my business. (with my kids hanging out in the car while I ran into all the different places) I didn’t get to any unpacking and I am nowhere near being moved in, but today I chose to focus on the business and I am proud of the work I did.

My point to all this rambling and what I am finally starting to learn is, the most important thing that you can do for yourself everyday is to just show up. Wake up every morning and say to yourself I am going to live the life that I have right now in a way that I can look back and say to myself, ‘Gee… I am so glad that I did A, B, and C five years ago so I can have X, Y, and Z today!’



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