• Liz Baker

Laundry Sucks!!!

Let’s face it, laundry is the WORST! Am I right? or am I right?? Maybe I'm alone in thinking this but come on people... nobody actually likes doing laundry... and if you do, message me and you can come over and do mine! I think the first chore that every mom teaches their kids, is how to do their own laundry. ( As a side note to all you hard working mamas out there, your husband can pick up his own darn socks. I promise you that your kids won't turn into little hellions either...I promise!!) I get my 8 year old son, Elias, to gather up all the kids' clothes every time. It may not seem like much, but I appreciate. If I was on top of my laundry game I would do a load every day in order to keep up with it all, but let's face it...

I just thank my lucky stars every time I sit down and fold my 10 loads of laundry that I didn’t have to hand wash them! If you are like me, you take all the clothes and separate them into whites and non-whites and that's it. Needless to say, I have ruined many clothes over the years... just ask my husband. Despite my lack of patience and skill in the art of clothes care, please trust me when I say “Do what I say, NOT what I do with all my other clothes.” Zyia clothing has properties that make it unique and as such you will need to actually take special care of them.

Don’t worry it’s not complicated, just remember these simple steps,

1) Wash in a load with just other active wear to prevent unnecessary wear and tear.

2) Wash in cold water on a delicate setting.

3) HANG TO DRY - the dryer will mess with the 4 way stretch technology.

4) No fabric softener.

5) If you want to go the extra mile, remove the pads from your bras right after use and soak them for a bit and then air dry. If you remember to do these simple steps your Zyia clothing will love you for it!!



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